Things To Do

Whether you’re a hiker or an adrenaline junkie, there are plenty of things to keep you busy in Padstow. Eating and drinking are definitely our favourites though!


From Pasties to Michelin Stars, there’s no shortage of outstanding food in Padstow. Rick Stein has an array of delectable delights scattered around, including The Seafood Restaurant, St. Petrocs Bistro (directly opposite The Malt House) and Stein’s Fish & Chips (probably the best take away fish and chips you will ever taste!). If you’re looking for a more casual and fun (but equally stunning) seafood experience, Prawn on the Lawn serves everything from fresh fish tacos to tasty turbot, with lots of cocktails to wash it all down.

A unique and unforgettable culinary experience can be had at Paul Ainsworth’s No.6, truly a unmissable stop for the travelling food fanatic. Although, with it’s Michelin star rating tables may be scarce; you may find yourself just across the estuary in Rock at The Mariners instead – Paul’s cosy gastropub, or even at Rojanos which is just round the corner. Of course, you could always cut out the middle man and go straight to Padstow Farm Shop where you can find an array of fresh vegetables, meat, condiments and local produce. Or, if fish takes your fancy, just follow your nose to the fishing boats in the harbour and ask!

Don’t feel intimidated by these gastronomical giants though! There are plenty of hidden gems, like fresh wood-fired Pizzas at Embers or estuary views at Greens. There really are too many to list here, but a quick Google or peruse on Padstow Live will reveal all. Whatever you decide, there’s no chance you’re going hungry!


Regardless if you’re looking for an apéritif, digestif or perhaps hair of the dog (!) you’ll find no shortage of places to be merry in Padstow. Take your pick of around 15 bars and pubs in the town centre – each with their own speciality liquid elixir. A beer and spirit tasting day is a must!

Topical note: Doom Bar (the beer) takes it’s name after the legendary doom bar – a bank of sand out on the estuary where waves break and countless ships and sailors have met their doom. Legend goes that a mermaid, in love with a Padstownian, cursed the harbour with the ‘bar of doom’ from Hawkers Cove to Trebetherick Bay. The result being a delicious beer!

A sophisticated glass of wine can be had at BinTwo or 17 Duke Street, the latter of particular interest, being the home of Padstow Gin – winner of several silver, gold and double gold medals at the San Francisco Spirit Championships. David (the owner) has his spirits distilled from scratch using local ingredients, and can be found frequently behind the bar at 17 Duke Street – ready to welcome you to it’s jazzy atmosphere with a Padstow Gin Martini (shaken, obviously). Naturally, a carefully curated selection of fine wines to drink in or take away awaits, with a lip smacking array of cocktails to match – all made with Padstow Spirits.


Padstow is also blessed with a myriad of coastal walks and hikes. The Malt House, being in the centre of town, has the advantage of being 15 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in Britain, with breathtaking coastal walks just beyond. The walk to Stepper Point is on the longer side, but well worth it. The closest beaches are St. Georges Bay and Tregirls on the Padstow side of the estuary, and of course Rock beach on the other side. Our favourite walk is to the end of Tregirls and back, which is about a 3 mile round trip. Perfect for walking off a hangover. In the Summer it’s lovely to take a dip in the sea and then dry off in the sun – but please be careful, the tidal currents in the estuary are strong. Even a swim from Padstow to Rock takes place in in July to support Marie Curie!

There are also a few sightseeing opportunities too! Prideaux Place is definitely worth a visit, being one of the west country’s oldest buildings in habitable condition. It is open for visitors Sunday – Thursday with a cafe and gardens.

These are just a few of our favourite things to do in Padstow – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!